Audio and Video Clips

Here are a few recordings of my bones playing. The videos are in Windows Media format, and the audio is in MP3 format. If the videos don't work, try saving them to your hard drive and running them from there.

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I uploaded a duet with me on bones and Jim Cadigan on guitar to YouTube. I also have a clip of me playing Whistling Rufus on anglo concertina.

"Chinese Breakdown," bones by Carroll Gunter and Jeff Lefferts. I met Carroll at the Weiser Oldtime Fiddlers' Festival in June, 2007. He was playing bones with a fiddle and guitar duo, and tasty playing it was too. I joined in, and recorded some duets with him. The band is behind the mics so they're very quiet, so this is more for the true bones aficionados. We trade off a bit, and play together a bit. Carroll is playing the higher-pitched bones. He uses a set of Danforth walnut bones and a heavier homemade set, one of each set in each hand. I'm using a set of Clif Ervin's yellow cedar bones in my right, and my own lilac wood bones in my left. On one recording below (the "unknown tune"), we're playing each other's bones. Here are five more tunes from the same session, all around 2.5 to 3 megabytes:

An old-time jam with friends and acquaintances, October 20, 2006. The bones come in around 1:28.

The second half (the one with bones in it) of a longer song by The Tanglers, The Storm Song by Sarah Holmes. Recorded February 2003.

In August 2004, I saw Jamey Turner busking on a "glass harp" (glasses played by running wet fingers around the rims) in Alexandria, Virginia. He had a complex setup which allowed him to play chords by running different fingers on adjacent glasses. I liked what he was playing, and asked if I could play along on a tune. He played "Whistlin' Rufus," a ragtime/cakewalk tune written in 1899 by Kerry Mills, and I joined in. I had never heard it before, so here's a good example of flyin' by the seat of the pants...

A tune from a porch session at Lark Camp 2004. The bones are maybe a bit loud, since the microphone was near me.

From the same Lark Camp session, a little Turkey in the Straw.

Short improvised solo in a fairly brisk 4/4 time.

Short improvised solo, with tempo change in middle.

Very short improvised solo, showing triplets played as sixteenth notes.