The triplet starts out pretty much the same as a single tap, although your grip might need to be a bit looser. But after getting the first click, bring your hand back up, and let it continue past where it started, continuing across your body. You want to change directions at the top like you did at the bottom, with a bit of a flick of the wrist. You're making an arc or rainbow shape with your hand. You should keep the wrist supple, so you feel a "whip" both at the top and the bottom as your hand changes direction. This whip sets up the bounce which gives you the clicks. At first, you may get two clicks, or the three clicks will be sporadic and uneven. Keep working on keeping your wrist loose, your grip correct, and getting the whip at the top and bottom. It should be a smooth, fluid motion, with no "forcing." Release the tension from your wrist and just let it flop about like a rag doll.

First Move Down & Right

Back Up and Left

Start Down Again